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Kolida K9x GNSS

The all new “X-Series” GNSS Engine and the advanced technologies inside allow you to perform the highest efficiency.

  • 1760 Channels All Constellation Signal Tracking
  • High Performance GNSS Engine
  • 8-10 km Built-in “Farlink” UHF Radio
  • 0.80 kg Ultra-compact and Light
  • Innovations 10 New Programs
  • Compact Design, Rugged & Durable
  • K9x Battery up to 12-15 hours (rover mode)
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Kolida K30 GNSS

X-Series GNSS Engine

The 1760-channel X-Series GNSS engine is designed to improve the surveyor’s ability to measure in more places and to reach higher precision. Four enhancements of X-Series: “Multipath Effect Mitigation”, “Electromagnetic Interference Mitigation”, “Anti-Vibration Shock”, and “Protection Against Ionospheric Disturbances”.

Farlink Radio, Built-in Transmitter

K9X is equipped with a 2W farlink radio transceiver, in optimal condition the working range can be as far as 8km.

Compact Design, Rugged & Durable

K9X is a full-function GNSS RTK that has Radio, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, NFC modules onboard, can work as base and rover, but the receiver size is really small, only 13x 13 x8 cm. The built-in 6800mAh battery and Intelligent power management program allow K9X to work up to 12-15 hours (Rover mode and Static mode).

Ultra Light, Comfortable Experience

The Total weight of K9X is only 0.8 kg including the battery. The light-weight design reduces the surveyor’s fatigue, increases their mobility, is especially helpful to work in a challenging environment.

Constantly Upgraded Inertial Measurement

KOLIDA’s 3rd generation inertial sensor and algorithm are onboard now. The working speed and stability have been improved for 30% from the last version. When the GNSS fixed solution is lost and recovered again, the Inertial sensor can remain the working status in a few seconds, no need to spend time to reactivate it. Tilt angle is up to 60 degrees, accuracy is down to 2-3cm (when tilt angle is within 30°), 5cm (tilt angle is within 60°)


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